Checklist To A Successful Move

Checklist for a successful move

Top Five Things To Remember When Relocating

Knowing the top five things to remember when relocating to a new home will help you not only have a smooth relocation but help you settle into your new community faster. 

If you’re standing at the crossroads of change, contemplating a relocation, you’re in for a transformative journey. As someone who’s navigated these uncharted territories, and guides others on a daily basis, I’m here to provide you with a practical roadmap for a successful move. Think of it as your trusty guidebook, filled with essential tips to help you navigate the complexities of choosing the right location for your next chapter.

Cost of Living: Knowing Your Budget

Let’s start with the numbers – the backbone of any successful plan. Break down the cost of living in your prospective new home.  It’s more than just rent; consider transportation, groceries, utilities, insurance and healthcare. Construct a solid budget, ensuring that your financial ship stays afloat in the new waters. Practicality is key here; it’s not just about affordability but sustainable financial health.


Job Opportunities: Navigating the Employment Landscape

Now, onto securing your livelihood in the new landscape. Conduct a thorough analysis of the job market. Look for employment opportunities that align with your skills and goals. Dig into unemployment rates and economic stability, applying a practical lens to your career prospects. A pragmatic approach to employment is vital for a smooth transition.

Quality of Life: The Practical Pulse Check

Beyond the numbers lies the heart of your decision – the quality of life in your potential new home. Things to assess:

  • safety,
  • education,
  • healthcare, and
  • recreation.

Think practically about the day-to-day aspects of your life. A pragmatic evaluation of these factors ensures that your new environment complements your practical needs and aspirations. I ask my clients, “What do you do in your free time as a family and individually?”  I also refer them to or sites like to help you understand neighbourhoods, cost of living, crime rates and school ratings.  

Community and Lifestyle: Functionality and Comfort

It’s great to be practical and put all the necessities in place, but don’t overlook the importance of community and lifestyle. Consider the local culture, climate, and social scene. Envision yourself in this setting, where your love for life and the practical things of living merge to create your best life. When your community reflects who you are, you feel a part of something greater.  Find comfort and functionality in your surroundings.

Housing Market: The Nuts and Bolts of Shelter

Housing is absolutely essential to human flourishing.  Without stable shelter, it all falls apart. 
~Matthew Desmond~

Your home is the cornerstone of your practical relocation plan. Research the housing market thoroughly – property values, rental costs, and market trends. This is not just about finding a house to live in; iit is about having a home that makes you feel safe and valued. Think of it as the foundation upon which your everyday practicality rests.

Successful relocations are well thought out and contain decisions that are best for you and your family. Make sure you have that “boots on the ground” exploration – visit the area, explore neighbourhoods, and see the area yourself.  Stand in a neighbourhood and envision yourself driving or walking on that street, walking into that home. Remember, good decisions now pave the way for a smoother transition later.


I trust these top five tips to know when you are relocating are helpful.  As you begin your exciting journey, consider me your voice of reason and loyal companion. For more local information and community exploration, head to my YouTube channel, “Living In London Ontario, Canada,” or visit my website for more information on relocating at Researching and understanding if your new neighbourhood, town, city or province is right for you makes the difference between a fulfilling life and one you are frustrated with.  Happy and practical exploring!

Cheers, Dania


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