Uncover London, Ontario's Best Summer Festivals

The Ultimate Guide to Summer Events in London Ontario

Here is your ultimate guide to summer events in London, Ontario.  As your go-to real estate expert and neighbourhood enthusiast, I’m here to highlight London’s hottest summer events. Whether you’re a local or just considering moving, these events will make you fall in love with our city. So, grab your calendar and mark these dates because you won’t want to miss out on the fun!

Sunfest – The Global Fiesta

When: Early July
Where: Victoria Park
Years Running: Over 25 years
Attendance: 250,000+

Let’s kick things off with Sunfest, our slice of global paradise. This world music and art festival has been rocking Victoria Park for over a quarter of a century. Picture this: four days of non-stop music from around the globe, over 275 food, craft, and visual art exhibitors, and enough cultural diversity to make a United Nations meeting jealous.

Sunfest is one of the largest free festivals in Canada, drawing over 250,000 people each year. That’s right, a quarter of a million folks flock to our humble city to soak up the vibrant atmosphere. For 2024, expect an eclectic mix of musicians from far and wide. Keep an eye out for special guests like Salsangroove Co and La Déferlance, who are set to make this year’s festival unforgettable.

Rock the Park - The Ultimate Rock Out

When: Mid-July
Where: Harris Park
Years Running: 16 years
Attendance: 40,000+

Rock the Park is your scene if you’re a fan of headbanging and air guitar solos. Held in the scenic Harris Park, this multi-day music festival has been a staple in London’s summer lineup for 16 years. What started as a one-day event has blossomed into a full-blown rock extravaganza, attracting over 40,000 attendees annually.

This year, brace yourself for legends like Nickleback and Bryan Adams. And for all you country lovers, don’t worry—there’s always a night dedicated to your favourite twangy tunes. Rock the Park is more than just a concert; it’s a rite of passage for any Londoner.

Picture of a music festival in Victoria Park

Home County Music & Art Festival – Folk Fun for Everyone

When: Late July
Where: Victoria Park
Years Running: 46 years
Attendance: 55,000+

Next up, we have the Home County Music & Art Festival. Celebrating its 46th year, this festival embraces Canadian folk, roots, and world music. With over 55,000 attendees each year, it’s a testament to London’s love for good tunes and great company.

This festival isn’t just about the music, though. It features an impressive craft show with handmade items from local artisans. Whether you’re in the market for a unique piece of jewelry or a quirky home décor item, you’ll find it here. Plus, the family-friendly atmosphere means you can bring the kiddos along for a fun day out.

London Ribfest – BBQ Bliss

When: Early August
Where: Victoria Park
Years Running: 34 years
Attendance: 200,000+

Prepare your taste buds because London Ribfest is here to tantalize them. Held in Victoria Park, this festival has been a meat lover’s paradise for 34 years. With over 200,000 attendees annually, it’s clear that Londoners take their BBQ seriously.

This year, expect some fierce competition as ribbers from across North America battle it out for the title of best ribs. But it’s not all about the meat—there’s also live entertainment, a beer garden, and activities for all ages. Whether you’re a BBQ aficionado or just here for the vibes, Ribfest is a summer staple you won’t want to miss.

Western Fair - The Grand Final of Summer

When: Early September (kicking off in late summer)
Where: Western Fair District
Years Running: Over 140 years
Attendance: 170,000+

Rounding out our list is the granddaddy of them all—the Western Fair. With over 140 years under its belt, this agricultural fair is a beloved tradition in London. It draws a crowd of 170,000+ every year, and for good reason.

The Western Fair offers a little something for everyone. There’s never a dull moment, from the thrilling midway rides to the agricultural displays and live concerts. And let’s not forget the food—fairgoers can indulge in everything from classic carnival fare to gourmet treats. The 2024 lineup includes headliners like Mackenzie Porter and Smash Mouth, ensuring that this year’s fair ends the summer on a high note.

TD Sunfest World Music & Jazz Festival – The Encore

When: Throughout July and August
Where: Various locations
Years Running: 4 years (as an extension of Sunfest)
Attendance: 20,000+

Last but not least, we’ve got the TD Sunfest World Music & Jazz Festival. Think of it as the encore to Sunfest. This series of concerts extends the celebration throughout the summer, bringing world-class jazz and world music to various venues around the city.

Although it’s a newer addition to London’s summer scene, it’s quickly gaining traction, with an annual attendance of around 20,000. If you want a more intimate music experience, this festival is your ticket to soulful summer nights.

So there you have it, our ultimate guide to the best summer events in London, Ontario—the crème de la crème of London, Ontario’s summer events. Whether you’re here for the music, food, or good vibes, these festivals will surely make your summer unforgettable. And remember, this guide is part of the Life in London Ontario vlog, where we bring you the best of what this city offers. Stay tuned for more insider tips and local insights, and let’s make this summer one for the books!

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Stay cool, stay curious, and I’ll see you at the festivals!

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