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Understanding the myriad of challenges and questions that arise during relocation is something I deeply connect with. When moving to a new place, it’s not just about finding the best sushi spot but also navigating essential tasks like enrolling your children in school or registering your automobile and switching your driver’s license. As your dedicated relocation specialist, I go beyond being a knowledgeable realtor – I become your trusted guide, leading you to the perfect neighborhood and connecting you with the right professionals for comprehensive support. My commitment doesn’t end on closing day; I’ll be there for you every step, ensuring your transition is smooth and comforting. Let’s embark on this journey making your new home and community feel like home in no time.

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“Dania was very understanding with us and makes us feel confident that we can trust her. Really, if you are thinking of moving to London and want to prepare in advance to have your new home, you should contact her, without a doubt that she is the best agent in the City.”

– Victor & Fran –

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5 Ways To Negotiate Better When Relocating To London & South West Ontario

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As a successful realtor specializing in relocation, I can support you on both ends of your relocation. First by successfully marketing and selling your home here and then connecting you with one of my amazing referral partners around North America and Globally. These agents have the same love and commitment to their clients as I do. They will guide you, provide local area expertise, virtual tours, handle negotiations, paperwork, and offer post-purchase support. Our collaboration ensures a smooth, stress-free transition, making your move a positive and rewarding experience. Please feel free to contact me to talk about your plans and preferences in detail. I’m excited to assist you throughout this exciting journey!

I am certified as a Reloction Specialist through my brokerage and able to work together with the RELO company to get you moved.  My brokerage eXp Realty Brokerage has an award-winning RELO Certification program that equips agents to collaborate with Relocation Companies, adhere to timelines, provide progress reports and agree to the terms of your relocation contract.  

It makes sense in certain circumstances for executives and employees to lease a home, for example:  when they will have to relocate again within one to two years.  Finding a lease that is acceptable to you is something I specialize in.  Many executives are looking for a good home in a good neighbourhood.  I am well connected to finding you a great home with a great landlord for your time here. 

Not to worry.  Working with remote buyers and tenants is my specialty.  I have mastered the skill of virtually showing homes so that you feel comfortable.  Technology has become such a common place in our lives and many people are comfortable with finding a great home from afar.    

In Ontario, you can only register your children at a school once you have a permanent address.  Unless you intend on placing your children in a private school, a school will be designated based on the school boundaries around your home. 

Please review the Enrolment Register Instructions on the website for a list of required documentation and instructions on registering new students.  

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