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Welcome To Stratford & Perth County

Discover the captivating charm of Perth County, nestled in southwestern Ontario. Immerse yourself in the cultural tapestry of Stratford, where the world-renowned Stratford Festival brings Shakespearean brilliance to life. Wander along the scenic Avon River, explore Victorian-era architecture and savour farm-to-table cuisine. Embrace the region’s rural heritage, indulge in local art galleries, and relish outdoor adventures. Perth County offers a harmonious blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, inviting you to experience its unique allure.

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Location of Stratford & Perth County

Nestled in southwestern Ontario, Perth County boasts proximity to cultural Stratford, tech-driven Kitchener-Waterloo, picturesque Lake Huron, and vibrant London. Explore a diverse landscape of urban centers and natural beauty.

5 Reasons You'll LOVE it:

5 Reasons You'll HATE it:

Cultural Splendor

 Immerse yourself in Stratford’s renowned arts scene, including the prestigious Stratford Festival, enriching your life with world-class theater and creativity.

Limited Urban Amenities

Compared to larger cities, access to specific cultural, entertainment, and dining options might be more limited in Perth County.

Serene Landscapes

Enjoy the tranquility of scenic countryside, lush farmlands, and the Avon River, providing a peaceful retreat and stunning natural beauty.

Seasonal Weather

Harsh winters and variable weather patterns might be less appealing to those who prefer milder climates.

Community Charm

Embrace a close-knit and friendly atmosphere where local traditions, markets, and events foster a strong sense of belonging.

Limited Career Opportunities

Depending on your profession, job opportunities in specific fields could be limited compared to larger urban centers.

Proximity & Access

Experience the best of both worlds with easy access to urban hubs like Kitchener-Waterloo and London, while relishing the comfort of a welcoming rural lifestyle.

Limited Diversity

A more homogeneous population might be less appealing to those seeking a diverse and multicultural environment.

Outdoor Adventures

 Indulge in outdoor pursuits, from exploring trails to water activities on Lake Huron’s shores, offering endless opportunities for recreation and relaxation.

Limited Healthcare Facilities

While healthcare services are available, the range and specialization might not be as extensive as in larger cities.

Home Styles In Perth County

Explore diverse homes in Perth County, Ontario. Discover historic Victorian houses, charming farmhouses, modern developments, and simple brick bungalows. Embrace rural living or urban comfort in this vibrant region.


Brick Homes

Regardless of the style, there are many homes built with brick.  The colour of the brick can vary from yellow and brown hues all the way to the iconic red brick home.  It is also common to find stone houses amongst historic brick homes. 


Acerages & Rural Properties

If you’re seeking a quieter, rural lifestyle, you can find larger properties, acreages, and estates suitable for farming, equestrian activities, or simply enjoying open spaces.


New Development

As the region evolves, new housing developments may offer modern homes with contemporary designs and energy-efficient features.  One-story homes are popular options for those seeking convenience and accessibility. In urban areas like Stratford, you’ll find townhouses and semi-detached homes that provide a more compact living option while still offering comfort and convenience.


Perth County schools are overseen by the Avon Maitland School District & the Huron Perth Catholic District School Board.

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