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Dicscovering Lambeth in London Ontario

London, Ontario, is known for several enchanting neighbourhoods. Lambeth should definitely be on your radar if you’re planning a move. This article explores everything this historic community offers, from its origins to its lively streets, home varieties, and more.

Lambeth wasn’t always a part of London. Originally, it stood as its own town – a picturesque “bedroom community” of the larger city. However, after being annexed, it’s now one of London’s most dynamic neigbourhoods.

Housing in Lambeth

The neighborhood features a diverse range of homes, from historical farmhouses and post-war bungalows to brand-new constructions. As the community undergoes development, new houses are rapidly joining the landscape, attracting middle to upper-income families.

  1. Older Homes: These properties often sit on expansive lots, providing ample outdoor space.
  2. New Constructions: These modern homes cater to varying preferences and budgets.  Family homes to luxury properties. 

Lambeth is also a popular location for several of the homes with the Dream Lottery. The Dream Lottery is an important campaign that raises money for London’s local hospitals. 

Local Businesses and Attractions

  • Fayez Spa: A city favourite, this spa in Lambeth promises relaxation and luxury.
  • Shopping Plaza: From home renovation hubs to cozy cafes, the plaza offers a variety of stores and establishments.
  • Medical and Professional Buildings: Lambeth houses various essential services, ensuring residents don’t have to venture far for their needs.


Lambeth offers educational institutions affiliated with both the Catholic school board and the public school board, including:

  • Lambeth Public School: Serving junior kindergarten to grade eight.
  • St George’s Secondary School: A reputed institution for higher education.

Transportation & Accessibility

Strategically located near Wharncliffe Road and Wonderland, Lambeth boasts excellent connectivity. Wharncliffe Road, which stretches beside Lambeth, leads directly to the 402 highway, making commutes smooth and swift, especially during busy morning and evening hours.


London is renowned for its extensive trail network, and Lambeth is no exception. Residents can enjoy biking, walking, and jogging on interconnected paths, taking in nature’s beauty all year round. Places such as:  

Lambeth Centennial Park

Graham Place Park

Lower Dingman Environmentally Significant Area

Lambeth’s charm is undeniable, from its humble beginnings as a separate town to its present status as a sought-after London neighbourhood. With a mix of old-world allure and modern amenities, it provides a balanced lifestyle for its residents.

If you’re considering a move, Lambeth in London, Ontario, is undoubtedly worth exploring. With its vibrant community spirit, diverse housing options, and accessible amenities, it’s a place that promises a fulfilling life. So, stroll through Lambeth the next time you’re in London and experience its magic firsthand!

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