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Your ideal destination for a fresh start in southwestern Ontario. Immerse yourself in St. Thomas’ rich history and cultural treasures, epitomized by the iconic Elgin County Courthouse. Experience the warmth of Port Stanley’s beachside living, while Aylmer beckons as the welcoming “Gateway to Ontario’s Southwest.” Find community and belonging in West Lorne’s tight-knit charm. Roam through fertile farmlands and outdoor havens. If you’re seeking a place to call home, Elgin County’s inviting landscapes and diverse communities await. Begin your journey today and lay the foundation for a vibrant future in this captivating region.

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Location of St. Thomas & Elgin County

Nestled in picturesque southwestern Ontario, Elgin County boasts a prime location offering a harmonious blend of rural tranquillity and modern conveniences. Bordered by the shores of Lake Erie, this enchanting region is home to historic sites, vibrant communities, and fertile farmlands. Explore a diverse landscape that invites outdoor adventures and embraces a sense of community, making Elgin County a truly exceptional place to live.

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Serene Natural Beauty

Elgin County’s idyllic landscapes, framed by Lake Erie’s shores and lush farmlands, create a peaceful and breathtaking backdrop for daily life. Whether enjoying the tranquillity of Port Stanley’s beaches or exploring the county’s many parks and conservation areas, nature’s beauty is at your doorstep.

Limited Urban Amenities

Elgin County’s focus on rural living means fewer options for urban conveniences and entertainment. Individuals seeking a bustling city life with a wide range of dining, shopping, and cultural activities might feel limited in their choices.

Close-Knit Communities

The welcoming and tight-knit communities of Elgin County foster a strong sense of belonging. From the charming streets of St. Thomas to the heartwarming spirit of Aylmer and West Lorne, residents experience genuine connections and a supportive social fabric.

Economic Opportunities

The county’s primarily agricultural and small-business economy might pose challenges for individuals seeking specialized or diverse job opportunities. Limited industries and potential job scarcity could be a concern for those pursuing specific career paths.

Rich Heritage

 Immerse yourself in Elgin County’s historical legacy, evident in its well-preserved architecture, museums, and landmarks. Stroll through streets steeped in history, visit the Elgin County Courthouse, or delve into the past at the Elgin Military Museum – a testament to the area’s fascinating heritage.

Remote Location

While Elgin County’s peaceful surroundings can be a draw, its distance from major urban centers might be a drawback for those who value frequent access to big-city amenities, travel hubs, or specialized services.

Outdoor Adventures

With abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, Elgin County offers something for everyone. Explore hiking trails, indulge in water sports on Lake Erie, or embark on a leisurely bike ride through the countryside. The region’s diverse landscapes cater to a wide range of outdoor interests.

Climate Considerations

The region’s climate, characterized by cold winters and relatively cooler temperatures, might not appeal to individuals who prefer milder or warmer conditions year-round.

Quality of Life

Elgin County’s balance between rural charm and modern amenities contributes to an exceptional quality of life. Enjoy the benefits of small-town living, including friendly local businesses, cultural events, and a strong community spirit, all while being within reach of larger urban centers for work and leisure.

Limited Cultural Diversity

Smaller communities in Elgin County might offer less cultural diversity and a narrower range of social experiences compared to larger cities. This could be a concern for individuals seeking a more cosmopolitan and multicultural environment.

Home Styles In Elgin County

In St. Thomas and Elgin County, you’ll find a mix of housing options, from historic homes reflecting the area’s heritage to modern residences. Choose from charming suburban houses, rural properties with spacious lots, and lakefront homes in Port Stanley, offering a diverse range to suit different preferences and lifestyles.


Colonial Revival

Reflecting historical influences, Colonial Revival homes feature symmetrical designs, gabled roofs, and often have classical elements like columns or pediments.



 With a focus on practicality and comfort, Farmhouse-style homes offer large porches, gabled roofs, and a cozy, rustic aesthetic that resonates with the county’s rural charm.



Single-story Bungalows are favoured for their efficient layouts and easy accessibility, often showcasing cozy front porches and a blend of traditional and modern architectural elements.


Elgin County is serviced by the Thames Valledy District School Board and the London District Catholic School Board

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