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I guess this is where I tell you a bunch of things about Dania Parker-Smith to make me look good, right?  Well, I am just me.  I am a wife to an incredible man; together, we share a blended family of six grown children and a plethora of grandchildren. The current count is nine.  I relocated from BC to Ontario in 2008, and honestly, I have never loved living somewhere more than London. 

Real estate for me started as a young girl when my parents planned to build on property they had purchased up in the mountains.  They would pour over house plans and walk the property dreaming.  When I grew up, got married in 1987, and moved to northern British Columbia, I was fortunate enough to purchase my first home at the age of 21 and have been buying and selling homes ever since.  After my parents became empty nesters, my mother provided a heroic example to me by becoming a realtor in Cranbrook, British Columbia.  It made me so proud to see her signs in yards throughout the community, and I was lucky enough to work in her back office, sending out listings in the mail and learning about the business. 

As a realtor, I loved helping people relocate to the area.  Even though I stayed in one community until I was 19, as an adult, I relocated throughout the province of BC, living in northern communities like Mackenzie, Chetwynd, and then to Kelowna and Kamloops before relocating to Ontario in 2008.  Having relocated several times, I could relate to families’ unique stresses, especially when they leave all their loved ones and everything they know to start a new life in a new city.  Having a background in Human Resources helps me understand the perspective of the employer and the client. Knowing their questions does not relate to where is the best authentic Latin or Mediterranian food (although I know that, too). Still, it’s about how to get settled, register children for school, and connect them with the right professionals who can support them in their needs, whether that be plumbers, electricians, financial experts, lawyers, immigration specialists, or where the most accessible place to pass your driver’s test is when you move to Canada.  

So, regardless of your real estate goals, having someone who is an expert at what they do is essential.  Someone who is a strong negotiator and advocates for you.  Someone who goes the distance and digs deep into the market trends so you can understand more than just the information you find online.  You need someone who is connected with a strong team of people.  I would be happy to be that person for you…If you are still reading and need an realtor in a different city, province or country, my network is broad and filled with top-ranking and high-producing real estate professionals around North America and globally. 

Let’s chat about what you need and how we can make that happen for you. 

in a world of common...

Be Uncommon

In a world of common, be uncommon.  Something I have always pushed back at…until I became a realtor.  Being uncommon can be a good thing.  Passion for helping, integrity and a lot of hard work helps my clients realize their dreams of home ownership.  Being prepared and always ready to go the distance… is uncommon.

"Dania is an amazing realtor! She was incredibly helpful in helping me find my first home. I definitely recommend her to anyone who searching for a home!"

Eren C

What To Expect When Working With Me...

Communication!  I believe that communication is the glue that holds deals and relationships together.  

Curiosity!  Asking questions, watching and listening for cues from my clients keeps me two steps ahead of my clients. 

Insight! Anyone can suggest a price, but uncovering the nuances of the market takes skill.  Educating myself every day makes me the best.  

Integrity!  There is a world that blows smoke up your a$$ just to make a dollar.  I believe that honesty and integrity set the stage for greatness.

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Real Estate

Pet Peeve


Duh, you priced it $200,000 under market value.

My Life's


The Hood I Call


I currently call London my home.  My favourite places are Fanshawe Lake, Heeman’s Garden Centre, Mikonos Restaurant and my backyard.

My Real Estate


Find me an old or historical home with a name and a story, and I am there in a heartbeat.  A beautiful backyard always makes me swoon.

Giving Back


Member of the Board of the London Affordable Housing Foundation, helping create safe and affordable housing for all Londoners. 

My Happy


There is not better place for me to unwind than on my back patio* with fire and a glass of red wine.  

*you must be seeing a theme here…I LOVE my patio.




Walk-In Pantries

Primary Retreats

Large Kitchens

Outdoor Fireplaces

Covered Porches



Garage with no access. 

No bathtub in the house

No kitchen table space

Let Me Introduce You to My Team

Surrounding myself with outstanding professionals who can support my clients means that they receive the same level of care they receive from me.


Looking for a solid service-focused Real Estate Lawyer who will continue the high level of service my clients come to expect from my services. 

Barry Acheson
Home Inspector
Barry Acheson
Home Inspector

Barry is a trusted home inspector who provides factual reports on every structure he inspects. His many years of experience reassure clients when purchasing their next home.

Heather Hanson
Lender/Mortgage Agent
Heather Hanson
Lender/Mortgage Agent

Proudly standing behind her slogan, "The Mortgage Helper," Heather is one of the hardest working agents you will find and aims to provide the best service possible.

Derrick Johnston
Lender / Mortgage Agent
Derrick Johnston
Lender / Mortgage Agent

Derrick believes every client deserves the best care and service when buying their dream home. He simplifies the experience and makes it enjoyable to achieve your homeownership goals.

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