Soaring into 2024 with Purpose and Love


As the curtain falls on 2023, I find myself reflecting on a year that tested my resilience, pushed boundaries, and unveiled layers of personal and professional growth. Despite facing challenges in the ever-shifting real estate market, I anchored myself in optimism and service, setting the stage for a transformative journey.

One of the defining aspects of this year was my commitment to uplifting others. I sought to promote friends’ businesses and connect realtors across borders, embodying the principle of being a giver, not a taker. Embracing the multifaceted roles of a realtor, career woman, and individual, I stepped into my own authority and delved into the complexities of domestic and international relocation.

Setting the building blocks for my retirement and exploring avenues for passive income became a priority. Creating a new website centred around my story and identity was not just a digital presence but a profound journey of self-discovery. Crafting the narrative of my life brought clarity to my core beliefs and paved the way for executing life goals, a journey I eagerly anticipate sharing publicly in the coming year.

Uncommon for a Purpose

Facing my fourth year as a realtor, I learned to find solace in knowing myself better—acknowledging my strengths, personality, and the courage to be…what I have now defined as “uncommon for a purpose.” Embracing teachability and coachability opened the door to profound personal insights. A trusted confidant scrutinized my patterns, dissecting nuances that held me back from living louder, bolder, and brighter. The process led to the breaking of chains tethered to severe anxiety, unveiling a strength that reshaped my relationships and approach to work.

Letting go became a powerful theme. Shedding aspects of my life that no longer served me, I bid farewell to pain and unforgiveness and embraced an unapologetic authenticity. In October, I faced one of my fears of travelling alone and went on a short solo trip to Montreal, which became a revelation—an adventure that kindled a love for independence and self-discovery, a journey toward the confidence of living in my own skin and embracing the evident theme of my life…being uncommon for a purpose.

Valentin Perla Blanca our Cuban Family

A return trip to Cuba with Kevin in December confirmed a perspective-altering experience I had in 2022. Immersed in the warmth of incredible souls who give joyously despite having so little, I recognized the privilege I carry. It became evident that this was my space to share the love of God and give back to a world that changed my life. The lessons I learned from the Cuban people resonated with me.  The neon sign from above highlights how my professional skill set aligns with those seeking a better life in Canada. Where this goes from here is yet to be defined, but I know there is much more to this story.

Five hundred and forty-three days ago, after a failed attempt to speak with a young boy in Honduras, I was ashamed I couldn’t greet him in his Spanish.  To show him that although he was leaving all he knew behind (besides his immediate family), someone cared enough to meet him where he was, I started learning Spanish.  I had no idea that decision would become a pivotal part of my future.  My commitment to learning Spanish has continued daily since then, not just for practicality but as a calling toward a greater purpose in loving and connecting with people. I can’t wait to see how this changes my life and many others.

As 2023 concludes for me, the theme for the upcoming year has crystallized—embracing disruption, standing up for what is good and true, and spreading love to counter negativity and societal damage. To live confidently and execute all the lessons I have learned in my fifty-five years. 

Embracing 2024 with heart of gratitude

The journey of self-exploration and disruption is a testament to my readiness for 2024. Strategic business decisions and a deliberate focus on personal goals will define the year ahead. No longer overwhelmed by external advice, I’m prepared to run my leg of the relay race, smashing records.

Gratitude fills my heart for the exceptional individuals who played pivotal roles in my journey. To my husband, Kevin, who embraced the rollercoaster of life with unwavering support, showing that the growth of a spouse is not a threat but a celebration. Paula Morand, with whom I found a soul connection that promises mutual growth. Sonja Guzman is a catalyst for change and strength. Christine Kramer is a beacon of confidence and joy. Stephanie Martens is a bright soul and giver. And to those who profoundly changed my life—my sister, Christa McMaster, a woman who lived day in and day out alone with her husband in Israel while war broke out, Dany Ortega, one who exudes joy from the deepest parts in spite of circumstances, and Tani Espanosa who in my heart is now part of our family.

As I extend heartfelt wishes for a blessed 2024 to all, my hope is for everyone to soar above the prevailing winds of negativity, grabbing life with intention and faith, rising higher and farther than ever imagined. Let this be a year of creating change, spreading hope, and living “uncommon for a purpose.”

See you in the New Year 


"Embrace disruption, Stand unapologetically in your truth, and love with an uncommon purpose.” ~Dania Parker-Smith~

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